Vote on all sites to help the server rise ranks of server listings. The more votes we get the higher up the server is, the easier it is for people to see it. The more people that see the server in server listings, the more that will apply. The server needs votes to grow, voting takes less than 30 seconds for all sites and helps the server tremendously. So please remember to vote every day on all sites for the benefit of the server.

Voting rewards


1 Elytra for 100 voting points

shulk shell

1 Shulker Shell for 8 voting points


8 Endstone for 1 voting point

chorus flower

1 Chorus Flower for 8 voting points


10 Obsidian for 4 voting points

ender pearl

1 Ender Pearl for 2 voting points

ink sacs

2 Ink Sacs for 1 voting point

How to claim your rewards:

While logged in game type "/Voteshop" (without the ""). Then select the reward you want.

Any and all reward suggestions must be posted to the suggestion section of discord.

*Please note that end items are only temporary while the end is disabled, this will be until the dragon fight when Mojang fixes the lag.

Vote toplist